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Belly Revelations has hosted TEN Shimmy Souths in Raleigh, NC, beginning with Aneena in 2000 and ending with Fahtiem and Aneena in 2009. It was delightful sponsoring Aneena, Kajira, Amaya, Dalia Carella, Aziza, Saqra, Dondi, Aisha Ali, and Fahtiem. Our first workshop had 25 participants, and our record was 114; one year we attracted dancers from 6 states -- what a great run.

We've also hosted several anniversary workshops and shows, including Donna & Asim, Artemis Mourat, Zhaleh Fereshteh, Daveed, and loads of local talent.

When we started we were the only show in town, but look at the Triangle now! There's something happening nearly every weekend. So Shimmy South 10 was our last production -- now it's someone else's turn to enjoy the spotlight!


Recent Workshops:

Shimmy South 10
February 27 - March 1, 2009
Featuring Fahtiem

Also featuring Aneena, {Click for a special page about Aneena, a bellydancer's bellydancer, beloved of bellydancers nationwide.}

Aneena is the gracious and generous bellydancer who taught Belly Revelations how to hold workshops, and she's attended every Shimmy South since she taught the first two way back when.


7th Anniversary Celebration for
and North Carolina's bellydance webmistress Haala!

September 13, 2008
with Zhaleh Fereshteh,
"Shimmy Diva," much beloved for both her playful techniques and her delightful teaching style.
Click for's 7th Anniversary photos by Megan !
Shimmy South 9
February 29 - March 1, 2008
Raleigh, North Carolina
Aisha Ali, a performer, instructor, and conservator of MIddle Eastern folk dances, taught Persian Motreb, Ghawazee, and Ouled Nail dance styles from her personal experience among the people. She has a wealth of information about costuming as well, and has contributed greatly to the literature over the decades of research, practice, and teaching.

Click for photos by Audra & Amara ;
Click for Saturday photos by Megan.


Shimmy South 8
March, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina

It was a perfectly delightful weekend with Dondi and all of us local & regional folks. The student hafla amazed us with the quality and diversity of dance, the Saturday evening performance likewise. We are most grateful to Dondi and to all of you for coming to dance with us and to be an audience for the performances. Dondi has also sent her thanks for being invited to such a warm, accepting community of strong women.

Dondi's workshop and performance clarified the differences between Egyptian Pop and Classical Egyptian.





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