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The "Look Good, Feel Good" Bellydance Video Series with Qadria & Friends

#1 is out of production.
#2 is still available, and an excellent choice either for beginners or for those who want to learn or refresh their knowledge of basic moves and 5 Middle Eastern rhythms. It's also fun, and don't miss the outtakes!
#3 will be available ..... Please check back as often as your patience holds out.

New DVD coming as soon as Qadria gets her act together:
"Bellydance Moves That Engage Your Back Muscles Powerfully"

Third in Qadria's
Look Good, Feel Good
Series of Instructional Videos

~ Join Qadria and friends for dancing fun.
~ Give a thoughtful and infinitely useful gift for a friend or relative who's almost ready to be a bellydancer, or for YOU as you review some basics or learn them in a different way.

~ Grow as a bellydancer with our emphasis on safety, back strengthening, and joyful fun.


Video How to Order Description

VHS: Warms-Ups and Cool-Downs for Bellydancers

Warms-Ups and Cool-Downs for Bellydancers


This video by Qadria will help you loosen up your muscles and joints safely before and after you dance or work out. 43 minutes; review on

Please note that this video is JUST warm-ups & cool-downs for BEFORE & AFTER dancing! It's all about feeling good so you look good.



Bellydance Moves & Combinations Anyone Can Do 
Bellydance Moves & Combinations Anyone Can Do~~ Read Shira's review at  

DVD: $6 (2 for $10) plus $3 for shipping and handling
Send check or money order to:
P.O. Box 91383
Raleigh, NC 27675-9998 or use PayPal:

For dancers and those who are almost ready to be a bellydancer, but are hesitating whatever/ Instruction AND workout in ONE video. Detailed enough for folks new to the dance, interesting enough for teachers and experienced dancers, and aerobic enough for a workout. 53 minutes, review on



Bellydancer feedback:
  "I got your DVD a week or so ago and finally had the chance to slip it into the player, wearing shorts and a t-shirt knotted at my breast bone. Qadria, I DANCED! It was GREAT! You have a warm, encouraging style, the moves were both explained and displayed by your students and you very clearly, and it was incredibly fun.

What I really, really loved is that all of your students were of different ages and body types. One was even pregnant! All of them moved as if they loved what they were doing, and all of them were beautiful. Yes, ma'am, every one of those ladies was gorgeous and it was more than the silky, colorful costumes or fringes or jingly coins. It was a beauty that shone from their very souls. I want that. I want to know that I am a part of something beautiful and perhaps I can get it from dance.

I'm going to try to talk some of my girlfriends into dancing with me.

Contact us:
Belly Revelations ~~~~~~ 919-786-9895

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