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This is just a historical document. Qadria taught this course once and once only -- enjoyed every minute!

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If you love bellydance for what it's done for your life, please consider teaching our beloved art to others. Or, if you already teach and would like more skills and information about bringing new people into the bellydance community, this class is for you, too. You already know there's more to teaching than just technique.

Students performing at Festival for the Eno

There's a big demand for bellydance instructors right now. Some folks are curious or riding the wave of a trend, some see it as exercise, but some see it the way many of us do: as a way to have fun with your friends. There are people carrying big burdens in this life and bellydance is a way to lighten life's load. If you see yourself as a person whose love of the dance brings joy to share with others, please do consider teaching bellydance and bringing new folks into our dance community.

This will be a rigorous course. There are some things we take very seriously, and having fun is one of them. Upon completing the course, you will be able to hold sacred space in a structured environment, a space for others to be free to be who they really are, to be self expressed without fear of failure or ridicule. It will be a space people look forward to coming to, and it will be because of you. Please read the Course Prerequisites, Course Requirements, a Course Bonus, how to Register and Qadria's Credentials.


1. You have had a minimum of 2 years of bellydance classes with at least 2 teachers.
2. You have danced in a minimum of 3 public bellydance performances, including student haflas.
3. You have assisted your instructor in teaching at least one bellydance class.
4. You have assisted your instructor in hosting at least one hafla.
5. You have a willing and loving heart; you love the dance and want to share it.

Course Requirements:

1. Attending a 3-hour workshop, June 17, 2007, 5:00 - 8:00 pm in Raleigh
2. Observing at least one class of my Raleigh beginner classes anytime starting when you register, up through July 26, 2007; venue & schedule at
3. Teaching a segment in my Raleigh beginner classes, IF you have never taught bellydance.
4. Teaching your own series of at least 4 - 6 classes June - August.
5. Attending a 3-hour workshop in September, date set at first meeting on June 17-- bring your calendar!
6. Teaching 2 classes June - August, which I will critique either in person or by video -- bring your calendar!
7. Participating in group calls and e-mails.
8. Completing assigned homework.

There is no requirement that your students perform. Bellydance is based on folkdance and is not about performing, but about having fun with your friends. Performance is icing on an already-delicious cake.

Class will be at least 4, no more than 8 students. Tuition is $180.

What students say:
"The course has been great. It's been nice to know other dancers in the same place, to hear about their varied experiences, to have discussions about similar issues that we were all facing, to be able to bounce ideas off each other."
"The course was helpful, informative, and exciting. I probably got more than what I came for."
What made the biggest difference was gaining "...confidence in my teaching skills & moves, how to lay out a class...," and specific dance moves.


Dancing at the Silk Road Tea House

If you teach a class in Knightdale, I will remit 25% of your tuition upon reading your class evaluations (no matter what they say.  ;~>)   At the end of your second successful class in Knightdale, I will remit the remaining 75% of your tuition.


There are no courses currently scheduled, but do let me know if you're interested in taking the course at some future time. Call me, Qadria, at 919-786-9895 or e-mail me at


Q's Bellydance Credentials:

I've been a bellydancer for almost 11 years and a member of Belly Revelations for 9 years, and I've taught for 9 years. I've performed in many venues including our all-time favorite, The Silk Road Tea House.  I'm a good bellydancer and an excellent teacher.  People enjoy my classes and enjoy watching me dance. Students who have performed have been delighted with the experience.

Q's Public/Private School Credentials:

  • I've taught many subjects and levels, kindergarten through 12th grade, over a period of 24 years, including 10 straight years teaching math and social studies to 6-8th graders.
  • I've taught student teachers and foreign exchange teachers in my middle school classroom.
  • I've taught student teachers on the university level, as a teaching assistant.
  • I have a B.S. in Elementary Education, Indiana University, 1972; an M.Ed. in Elementary Education (middle-school math concentration), University of Louisville, 1981; and a C.A.S. in Integrated Studies (6th-year certificate for which I wrote my own program ), University of Vermont, 1995. 

Q's Other Credentials:

I have a very supportive spouse and two adult children who are proud of their mom the bellydancer ("That's my mom!"). And a kitty. And 7 goldfish in a pond I dug myself.

Photo: On the Belly Revelations float with sister Belly Revs & Rhythmicity, Raleigh Christmas Parade. Taken by aforementioned proud daughter.



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