Belly Revelations

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This is a collection of information for the new and experienced dancer. Please email any suggestions or ideas for information you would like to see listed.

Bellydance Names
Are you looking for your belly dancer identity? Saqra has a helpful list of names from which you can choose, or maybe this will help get you inspired!

Vocabulary & Glossary
Belly dancing encompasses many cultures and styles and therefore many of its terms and words are from many different languages. Find Shira's helpful Glossary of Belly Dancing Terms here:

History of Bellydance
Articles about what's known and what's speculated about bellydance, folkloric, performance vs. folk dance:
by Artemis Mourat, about Turkish Dance, American Cabaret and Vintage Orientale
by Venus, Raks Sharki
by Rina, about American Tribal Style
by Yasmina, a link to all the links you could ask for

Middle Eastern Rhythms
for playing percussion instruments, including doumbek and zils/sagat/finger cymbals:
Jas's Middle Eastern Rhythm FAQs
Dark Waters
Black Root
Aleta Quinn

Bill Vaughan

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