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Belly Revelations and its individual members are delighted to have been able to offer their talents to further the causes of justice and peace for every person. We were never great at posting photos and memoirs, so we trust that you'll trust that we've done a lot of pro bono work, for the love and joy of the dance, as well as to expand the joy and fun in the world. For example:

Basanti taught a Bollywood session at Speaking of Women's Health October 26, 2011 at the Raleigh Convention Center. In addition, Basanti & 5 of Kasha's students performed rockin' Bollywood for the entire assembly of women who came to hear the keynote address: "The Power of Perseverance."

Basanti & Qadria taught fitness-oriented classes at the August 13, 2011 Health Fair at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Greek Orthodox Church Health Fair

Mara, Faedra, Jade & Luna joined Bastani & Qadria at
Speaking of Women's Health
at the
Raleigh Convention Center July 28, 2011.

It was a delightful opportunity to bring the joy, camaraderie,
and health aspects of bellydance to a new community
of women.






June 4, 2010, Bastani and Qadria performed for Wiley Elementary International Magnet School's International Night, part of a celebration of the wealth of international experiences of the Wiley community.


photo by Megan Freeman


July 5, 2008 marked the10th and final performance of Belly Revelations and Friends at theFestival for the Eno.  
The Festival is held every 4th of July weekend , with proceeds used to purchase land around the
Eno River to protect the community's drinking water.

2006, 2007, 2008, Speaking of Women's Health -- here are Q & A (Qadria & Ankhara) teaching joyfully.


This event was a fundraiser in which Members and Friends of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh bought tickets to a "Soup, Salad, and Entertainment by the Board" dinner. Here's Qadria and another member of the Board of Directors, along with two daughters of Board members. UUFR actively works in the community and the world to promote the inherent worth and dignity of Every Person.


August 1, 2007
Heritage of Raleigh, 1200 Carlos Dr., Raleigh, NC
Belly Revelations and Qadria's students performed for the residents -- we rocked their house!

Sunday, July 8, 2007, Belly Revelations and Friends performed in our delightful, whimsical outdoorsy way. Some photos are on Amara's site.

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