Belly Revelations

photo by Megan Freeman
Shimmy South 10,
starring Fahtiem and Aneena

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Saturday by Audra ~~~~~ Friday by Audra

Saturday by Megan ~~~ Friday by Megan

Friday by Amara



NCBellydance.Org's Seventh Anniversary Party, September, 2008






Qadria, Happy Hips & audience members at the Festival for the Eno, 2008




.. and Kalista, Happy Hips & audience members


Photos & Links from Haala's 6th Anniversary Celebration of

What a great time! There was a wonderful variety of performances from all across North Carolina, 35 hard-working "staff" to make it all happen, a luscious souk, and over 300 people in attendance. Haala and Belly Revelations are most grateful to be a part of such a cohesive and supportive bellydance community.

Photos by Megan Freeman

More photos at these sites:
Megan Freeman

Thanks, photographers!
If anyone else has photos to share, please let us know, and thank you!

We appreciate those who honored our many requests to photograph during the show without flash and not to videorecord.
The show DVDs by Andrus Motion Worx will be available by October 8. We are having extras made, so if you didn't order one and now want to, you may send a check for $23 to Belly Revelations, P.O. Box 91383, Raleigh, NC 27675-9998. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Festival for the Eno 2007 photos, by Megan Freeman

Festival for the Eno 2007 photos, by Monika

Shimmy South 8, March 3, 2007, featuring Dondi.        
Photo by Megan Freeman

Shimmy South Friday 8 evening hafla, featuring students.   Photo by Megan Freeman

Shimmy South 8, 2007 photos, by Patti

The 5th anniversary hafla for, featuring Artemis Mourat and Haala, webmistress of That's Artemis 8th from the left with flowers, and Haala center in black bedlah.
                                      Photo by Megan Freeman

The Red Sea Ensemble at our debut at the North Carolina Museum of Art's members' reception for the "Temples & Tombs" exhibit, April 14, 2007                                                        photo by Cutler Kornegay

Students Perform with Belly Revelations at the Festival for the Eno, July 2, 2006. Photo by Joe Temple. Watch his FABulous photo show!


Shimmy South 6, 2005, with Aziza

Aziza Workshop __________ Aziza Workshop




































There are MANY photos from previous events, as you can imagine. As time permits they'll be added to our gallery. We'll also start a gallery of previous members of Belly Revelations, to be found on the About Us Page.

Also, here are photos from this year's Festival for the Eno 2009.
Belly Revelations were the first bellydancers to perform at the Festival, and we continued through a 10-year run. It was great fun and some of our best photos are fromthere, under the trees. But now it's someone else's turn!




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