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Here are FAQs for Beginning, Continuing, & Intermediate Students to get you started.

Qadria teaching al fresco in
San Ramon, Nicaragua


Private Lessons: $40/hour; call or write Qadria with questions about classes, private or small group instruction, or her bellydance videos, 434-252-0369 or Qadria.

Introductory Bellydance Workshops for Women's groups: 2- & 4-hour delightfully fun sessions for your social, neighborhood, educational, religious groups.

Workshops for Bellydancers:
- Zils & veil for beginning and experienced bellydancers
- Turkish 9/8, sword, & writing your own choreography for experienced bellydancers

Performance for parties, showers, & other special events (short lesson included, if you like).

DVD "Bellydance Moves & Combinations Anyone Can Do"
Order online, or call or write Qadria. "Anyone" means YOU, your friends, and your family!
To read Shira's review: , scroll down to Q.   
 (Shira reviews are the gold standard of bellydance video reviews, and she rated both the DVD and video as Top Picks -- yowza!)


Now you can enter the magical world of bellydance with introductory and continuing classes, workshops, and instructional videos. Designed to have you bellydancing within minutes and comfortable with the movement of your new bellydancer body within weeks, the classes, workshops, and videos include thorough warm-ups and cool-downs to keep you happy and safe. Qadria's primary focus is bringing new dancers into our bellydance community with grace, fun, and savoir faire. Wear whatever is fun for dancing; if you have something that will work for a hip scarf, bring that, and DO bring a water bottle. Each class will learn a new choreography and sometimes we review an old one, too. There will be opportunities to perform, but performance is never required.   Plan on having a wonderful time and leaving class comfortable in body, mind, and spirit.  

Every class consists of a gentle warm-up with safety information and the basic moves that make bellydance unique. Some time during the class there will be a little culture and/or history, some choreography, and some challenge move(s). Your homework is always this: "Dance every day just for fun." You can practice whenever you feel like it, but you will become a magical being by dancing for fun. Promise.

Student information
Click here for Student FAQs. (drop in, contact, experience, safety, fitness, style, age, size; also what to wear, what to bring, how to register, and other questions). If you still have questions, give Qadria a call at 434-252-0369, or e-mail her at Qadria.

There are no regular classes being taught right now -- contact Qadria to arrange a party, lesson, or series of lessons for you and your friends!

All levels
This class is usually smaller, so the content is flexible according to the students’ ability. Basics include hip & ribcage slides & circles, shoulder rolls & accents, snake arms, beledi hips (Ghawazee), hip lifts & drops, Egyptians, Arabics, horizontal and vertical hip figure 8s, traveling moves, shimmies, undulations, combinations, choreography, props.

New beginners
This class is for folks who are new to bellydance – we’ll start at the very beginning and you’ll be dancing in a flash. Basics include hip & ribcage slides & circles, shoulder rolls & accents, snake arms, beledi hips (Ghawazee), hip lifts & drops, Egyptians, Arabics, hip figure 8s, shimmies, & undulations; choreography, zils & veils.

Continuing students
This class is for bellydancers with at least 6 months’ experience. There will be the same emphasis on stance and grace, with less explanation/demonstration of the basics. Classes will include hip & ribcage slides, circles, & 8s in 3 dimensions; umis, shoulder rolls & accents, snake arms & variations, hand & wrist circles, beledi hips (Ghawazee) and variations, hip lifts & drops & variations, Egyptians, Arabics, grapevine & other traveling moves, shimmies, side & forward undulations, combinations & choreography, and props as requested: zils, veil, cane, sword, tambourine, candles.

Each class also features distinctions among bellydance styles, with examples, plus history and culture; a thorough warm-up and cool-down/stretch, plus a continuing emphasis on bellydancer stance, being grounded with grace and love.

Of course other things come up, and we pursue them with humor, grace, and zest! There is always an emphasis on bellydance’s being based on folk dance, and as such being accessible to everybody. Every Body. You.

You are perfect, whole, and complete - body, mind, & spirit -
just the way you are and just the way you are not.

A well-stocked dance bag includes:

Water Bottle
Practice skirt/pantalets
Practice top
Hip scarf
3-yard veil
Notebook & pen
Personal Calendar
Zils (finger cymbals)

Homework is always the same:   
practice when you feel like it, but dance every day just for fun!

Students performing at the Festival for the Eno, Durham, NC

Come dance with us! You have my personal guarantee that you will be bellydancing within 30 minutes; that you'll look and feel better, and you'll become much more comfortable living and dancing in your body during the session.

FAQs for Beginning, Continuing, & Intermediate Students

Sample Workshops/Seminars:

Enchanting Equinox Bellydance”
Bellydance Workshop with Qadria
on a Sunday in March or September 1:00– 4:00 pm

A celebration of the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox in the magical world of bellydance, the "Strong Women in Community” empowering world that is bellydance.

Call Qadria at 434-252-0369 with dance-related questions, and/or go to
Student FAQs .

Historical Notes:

Workshop by Qadria
"MidWinter Bellydance Sparkles"

Raleigh, NC

This was a lovely, bright and sparkly mid-winter afternoon.   New students wore hip scarves and other fun things to dance in. They learned the basic moves that distinguish this dance form; e.g., earthy hip circles and figure 8s, sassy ribcage circles, sensuous arm movements, and femininely powerful steps.    We talked about bellydance and the folkdance from which it derives, some myths and stories. We played with zils (finger cymbals) and veils and learned a short choreography, wrapping up the afternoon with a Middle Eastern snack from Neomonde Middle Eastern deli.

Last updated February 17, 2013

What one student said:
I couldn't ask for a more loving teacher! Thank you so much for encouraging me to do this performance, for writing such a beautiful choreography, and for keeping me calm and guiding my steps. Watching your sweet angelic face kept me focused on "dancing just for fun"!


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