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Turn your next party or function into an evening everyone will remember with the enchanting art of Middle Eastern dance. Whether you're planning a birthday or anniversary party, international dinner, or organizational function, you can schedule one or more Belly Revelations bellydancers and receive:

  • Egyptian/Turkish/American/fusion style bellydancing - Our dancers perform in striking Middle Eastern attire accented with colorful veils and zils (finger cymbals).
  • Instruction and group participation - Your guests can learn some of the bellydance basics during group participation, including hip circles, ribcage circles, hip lifts, drops, and figure 8s, snake arms, how to walk like an Egyptian, and how to dance with a veil or zils.
  • Photo opportunities - You may take photos with bellydancers in costume during group participation and following the performance.

Performance Packages

You may schedule Belly Revelations dancers to perform tailored to your event's length and budget. We usually perform to CDs, but if you have musicians, we'd be delighted to work with them. We can also arrange for our own musicians for an additional charge. Here are sample packages:

The Sultana's Tea Room
3 dancers (or more upon request) who will delight your guests with two hours of performance, with a variety of costumes and bellydance styles, with solos & group pieces, $1,250

Cleopatra's Barge
3 dancers (or more upon request) who will perform an entire one-hour show, with costume changes and a variety of bellydance styles, with solos & group pieces, $650

The Oasis
One dancer who will perform three 20-minute sets, with breaks for costume changes, $250

[If these should all be beyond your budget, please check with us anyway at Belly Revelations to see what we can arrange. Our firm minimum is $175.]

Kalista, Magdalene, Ankhara, & Qadria Photo by Jeff Stratford


Event guidelines

Located in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, Belly Revelations provides family-oriented performances suitable for adults and children. We dance for all-female and mixed group events, but do not perform for all-male or one-on-one audiences.

Contact us

Book a bellydancer for your next event by contacting Belly Revelations today: or call Qadria at 919-786-9895.

This page last revised February 17, 2013

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